Emily Wardill: Identical, KW, Berlin, Summer 2023.

Onyeka Igwe: A (speculative) history of (colonial) Reparations, FLAMIN, Summer 2023.

Fooling Around, Capitain Petzel, Berlin, November 2022. With Stefanie Heinze.

Boogie Intimacy, March 2023. With Jimmy Robert.

Belated Artefacts, _AH Journal, March 2022. With Laura Guy and Flora Dunster.

Unruly, Bloomsbury, March 2022. With Ingrid Pollard.

Renée Green: Inevitable Distances, KW, Berlin, October 2021.

Rebuilding Urania by Renèe Helèna Browne, September 2021.

Die Liste der „Gottbegnadeten“. Künstler des Nationalsozialismus in der Bundesrepublik, DHM, Berlin, June 2021.

Shame by Andrea Büttner, Koenig Books, December 2020.

Black and white photograph of Félix González-Torres' billboard, "Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit"

It’s Just a Matter of Time, ARCO, Madrid, 2020. With Alejandro Cesarco and Manuel Segade.

Help the Dead (After Ian White), Every Ocean Hughes, August 2019, KW, Berlin.

SaF05, Charlotte Prodger, Scottish Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2019.

+49 30 243459-53, May 2019, KW, Berlin. With Emma Hedditch.

Weimar: Vom Wesen und Wert der Demokratie. DHM, Berlin, April 2019.

Research photographic still by artist Jimmy Robert. Jimmy Robert holding a black and white image of Charles James adjusting a black crepe gown on Juan Fernandez. Original black and white photograph taken by Bill Cunningham and printed in Douglas Crimp's book Before Pictures, 2016.

Jimmy Robert, Joie noire, KW, January 2019.

Documentation of artist Kirsten Mosher's sculpture Gutting Cycle, 1991.

Views From The Gallery, The Conditions of Being Art: Pat Hearn Gallery and American Fine Arts, Co. (1983-2004), CCS Bard, 2018. With Lia Gangitano and Jeannine Tang. Image: Kirsten Mosher, Gutting Cycle, 1991.

Affect and Embodiment, with Moyra Davey and Lisa Tan. Royal Institute of Art and Moderna Museet, Stockholm, October 2017.

Evan Ifekoya performing their work 'She was a full body speaker standing tall in the corner of the room, “West ​End ​Angel ​Of L​ove T​eacher ​For ​My ​It ​Girl” plays in the background'

Evan Ifekoya, ‘She was a full body speaker standing tall in the corner of the room, “West ​End ​Angel ​Of L​ove T​eacher ​For ​My ​It ​Girl” plays in the background’, KW Lichtspiele, July 2017.

Walker Moving Image Commissions: Marwa Arsanios, Renée Green, Boudry/Lorenz. Summer 2017.

MYSTI, ‘I might simply drift past you… a hiccup in purple… a careless cocksuck with no contact info… memory without name’, KW Lichtspiele, May 2017.

Jamie Crewe, Gasworks London and Lichtspiele KW, March 2017.

Question the Wall Itself. With Park McArthur, Lucy McKenzie, Shahryar Nashat, Jordan Carter and Fionn Meade. Walker Art Center, 2017.

Mediated Monologue, Mercer Union and University of Toronto, Jan 2017. With Jacob Korczynski.

Mediated Monologues. Published by Sputnik and Fizzle, 2017.

James Richards, Requests and Antisongs, Sternberg 2016

Dressing Rooms. With Marc Camille Chaimowicz. Serpentine London October 2016.

Regrouping. With Lizzie Borden. Edinburgh International Film Festival, July 2016.

United Colors. With Aman Sandhu. 3 May 2016, Glasgow School of Art.

No More Fun And Games. With Jesse Jones and Vaari Claffey, Hugh Lane, Dublin, 22 April and 2 September 2016. Image: Vivienne Dick

Found image of a cartoon bear resembling Winnie the Pooh floating in the air, holding a balloon that says "Sissy AND proud"

In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You. With Sharon Hayes. Studio Voltaire, London, 16 April 2016.

Crossing. With Leslie Thornton and James Richards, April 9, 2016. Walker Art Center.

Shahyrar Nashat, Uri Aran, Marcel Broodthaers. Walker Art Center, 17 February 2016.

With Park McArthur. Tate Modern, London, 3 February 2016, 6.30pm.

Bulletins of The Serving Library #10. With Alexander Kluge.

My Pleasure with James Richards. Are, Institut Francais, Prague, December 9 2015. With Uri Aran, Bonnie Camplin, Su Friedrich, Seamus Harahan, Dani Leventhal, Jayne Parker.

Casual Lies, Inventors of Tradition II, 2016. With Lucy McKenzie, Atelier EB, Panel.

Aftershow Reading, Nottingham Contemporary, 9 October 2015. With Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Sharon Hayes, Laura Guy.

Asterisk Summer School, July-August 2015, Tallinn, Estonia. With Will Holder, and André Fincato, Rachel Tweedy, Shan Zhou, Kenneth Loe, Chek Siang, Robbie Blundell, Cate Rickards, Lyanne Tonk, William Pollard, Lin Ven, Iskra Vukšić, Else Lagerspetz, Maarja Jullinen, Kaspar Sellin, Ott Kagovere, Hanna Samoson, Ulla Väljaste, Maria Muuk, Ranno Ait, Justinas Vilutis.

Walker Moving Image Commissions. With James RichardsMoyra Davey, Derek Jarman, Minneapolis, June 2015.

‘Trust not Truth’. With Patrick Staff. The Foundation, 7 July 2015, Spike, Bristol; 8 August–10 October, IMA, Brisbane.

‘Bad Behavior’. With Scott Rogers. Where Is Our Twentieth Century Promised, June 26 – September 6 2015, Southern Alberta Art Gallery.

‘Offerings’. With Dena Yago, Fatima Hellberg, Pedro Cid Proença. A Circular #3, July 2015.

Beer and Chips. With Mary Simpson, David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, 23 May 2015.

Sinkhole, 2015

Rupert, Vilnius, Nov 2014.

LUX Scotland, Glasgow, 2014.

Heat Island, The Happy Hypocrite #8, Book Works, Summer 2014. With Elaine Cameron-Weir, Allison Gibbs, Will Holder, Duncan Marquiss, Giuseppe Mistretta, Park McArthur, Anna McLaughlin, Paul Nash, Charlotte Prodger, Francis Sanzaro, Mary Simpson, Dena Yago. New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, New York, September 2014; CCA, Glasgow, December 2014.

Fieldwork: Reports on Event Curating, 30 June – 2 July 2014, Hospitalfield, Arbroath. With Fionn Meade, Sam Korman and Vivian Ziherl.

Trigger Tonic, Tramway, Glasgow, Summer 2014.

*, Apples, Brooklyn, 27 June 2014. With Sam Korman *bpNichol *Alex Felton *Amy Granat *Sara Greenberger Rafferty *James Hoff *Nikholis Planck *Kay Rosen

Reading Matter, Markets, Chelsea Space, 18 June – 26 July 2014. With The Block and Charlotte Prodger.

Insomnia Crack, Journal, ICA, London, 25 June – 7 September 2014. With Charlotte Prodger.

Offerings, a caelo usque ad centrum, June 7 – July 20, 2014, Cubitt, London, 2014. With Dena Yago and Laurie Spiegel.

Metabolic Decor‘, Mousse #43. With Elaine Cameron-Weir.

POLYESTER 86% NYLON 14%, Bulletins of The Serving Library #5, MoMA PS1, New York, 2 March 2014. 

Bentson Film Scholar, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2014.

Hannah Rickards, Modern Art Oxford, February 2014.

‘Life on Heat Island’, Mousse #41. With Dena Yago.

Manners‘, Afterall, Fall 2013. With Lucy McKenzie.

Dandy Roll Process, Premio Bonaldi, GAMEC Bergamo, Fall 2013. With Charlotte Prodger and Ben Schumacher.

Happy Hypocrite: Freedom, Edinburgh, October 2013. With Maria Fusco and Lynne Tillman.

Fatima Hellberg holding a folder poster paper of climber Patrick Edlinger doing the splits on a boulder. Edlinger wears trousers, headband, and is topless. To the left there are three blue vertical lines. The rest of the poster is printed black and white risograph.

Fwd: Rock Splits Boys, Electra and Cafe Oto London and Spike Island Bristol, Fall 2013. With Charlotte Prodger.

Artists Moving Image Festival, Tramway, Glasgow, September 28-29 2013.

Open End, 18 July 2013, PICA, Portland. With Alexander Kluge and Anna Craycroft. Image courtesy Craycroft.

We have a topic!‘, Bulletins of The Serving Library #5, New York, Summer 2013. With Alexander Kluge.

James Richards, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 25 April 2013. With Pat Hearn and Joan Jonas.

Re: Re: Re: Homos and Light, Artists Space, New York, 21 Feb 2013. With Charlotte Prodger.

Angie Keefer, YU Contemporary, Portland, 7 Feb 2013.

Re: Andacht zum kleinen’The Assistants, Ed. Fionn Meade. Mousse Publishing, Milan, Jan 2013. With Andrea Büttner.

‘Passing Time’Dealing with—Some Texts, Images, and Thoughts Related to American Fine Arts, Co., eds Valérie Knoll, Hannes Loichinger, Magnus Schäfer. Sternberg, Berlin, Oct 2012. With Pat Hearn.

Cover of 'Camera Obscura' journal #61, depitcing two women inspecting celluloid film cans in a film archive.Cover of 'Frauen und Film' journal #9. Cover is a montage of women in different acts of 'editing' film.

The Obscure Woman, New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, New York, 30 Sep 2012; also in White Columns Annual: Looking Back, New York, January 2013. With Emma Hedditch.

Ich bin Superbia, Tramway Festival of Artists’ Moving Images, Glasgow, Sep 2012. With Pat Hearn, Tina Keane, Rose Lowder and Ulrike Ottinger.

The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image, ed. Bridget Crone, May 2012. With Cara Tolmie.

Live Journal for the LUX/ICA Biennial of Moving Images, London, May 2012. With Amy Budd, Thomas Morgan Evans, Jonathan P Watts.

Her Noise Archive Symposium, Electra, Tate Modern, London, 3-5 May 2012. With Meredith Monk, Sophie Macpherson, Cara Tolmie, James Richards, Sue Tompkins.


The first three years of Ludlow38. Eds. Tobi Maier, Antonia Lotz. Spector, 2012. With Duncan Campbell.

Rosemarie Trockel’s Cine Club, Artist’s Institute, New York, 21 March 2012. With John Miller and Fionn Meade.

Giles Bailey performs two works, Cage, New York, 1 March 2012.

Afterall, Spring 2012. With Moyra Davey.

Transmission (pleasure, ambivalence, identification). Twice Again, Embassy, Feb 2012. With Hannah Ellul, Florrie James, Isla Leaver-Yap, Morag Keil and Lena Tutunjian.

Artists’ Reading, 12 Feb 2012, Cage, New York. With Rita Sobral Campos and LC.

Dexter Sinister: Identity, Artists Space, New York, 2011; Kunsthall Charlottenberg, Copenhagen; Tramway, Glasgow, 2012.

Double image of exhibition press image. Left image is by Iman Issa, depicting the verso of tear-off calendar pages, written in Arabic and English, and appears to be from December 2009. The right image is by Ben Schumacher and appears to show a faucet vertically attached to a door underneath a semi-opaque stretched fabric. The image is overlayed by indecipherable handwritten signatures.

Short Stories, SculptureCenter, New York: Part one, two, three, and four, 10 September – 4 December, 2011. With Alejandro Cesarco, Iman Issa, Ursula Mayer, Ben Schumacher, Danna Vajda and Rona Yefman, Angie Keefer, Sarah Chacich, Matt Keegan, Rita Sobral Campos.

Some Rushes, 4 May 2011, Cage, New York. With James Richards and Steve Reinke

Format P

Time Again, Anthology Film Archives, New York, 2011. With Fionn Meade. [Image Shahryar Nashat]


CAGE. (Karin Schneider addendum)

An Octopus in Plan View, Dexter Sinister and Shannon Ebner at The Chrysler Series, New York, and Frieze, London, 2011. With Angie Keefer.

The Voice is a Language, Tramway, Glasgow, 2010. With Meredith Monk, Sophie Macpherson, Sue Tompkins, Cara Tolmie, James Richards.

Rosalind Nashashibi, exhibition and publication with ICA, London; Bergen Konsthall, 2010.